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The Best Commuter Bike Helmets

More and more people are making their daily commutes on bicycles or e-bikes, fueling the need for stylish, modern safety gear that doesn’t break the bank. Whether riding to work, school, or social events, road safety is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to look like they’re wearing a giant muffin on the top of their skulls, though, which is why we set out to create helmets that break the mold in terms of safety and style. Modern professionals have an image to keep, and Bern is here to provide solutions for anyone making the transition to a healthier, more environmentally friendly method of transportation. 

Gone are the days of re-styling your hair in the workplace bathroom after pulling up next to the CEO in an outlandish-looking bike helmet. Set yourself up with comfort and style, all while keeping yourself as safe as possible on the road. Below, we outline our favorite commuter bike helmet manufactured by Bern. 

Our Top Choice: Bern Hudson Bike Helmet

Sitting at the top of our list for the best commuter bike helmets on the market, the Bern Hudson Bike Helmet is a low-profile design that’s perfect for the modern-day professional. This helmet is what Bern is all about - cutting-edge technology, exceptional comfort, and a sleek design that makes anyone who owns a bike wish they had your lid. 

We designed and tested the Bern Hudson Bike Helmet to comply with the NTA 8776 Safety Standard for use with Ebikes and Escooters. You couldn’t ask for a better Ebike helmet, as it’s rated up to 27.9 MPH which is a much higher speed than typical pedal bike standards such as CPSC and EN 1078. In addition, it also comes standard with MIPS technology to help prevent rotational brain injuries. The Bern Hudson incorporates Bern’s proprietary Compass Fit System, ensuring that your head fits snug and secure. The ultimate in style, comfort and protection to help you Stay Out There. 

And what about those of us that are stuck at the office through long days or staff meetings? Don’t the dangers of the road increase ten-fold when riding in the dark? Yes, is the answer - which is why we built the Hudson to be compatible with our custom integrated light system. The micro-USB rechargeable light pumps out 6.6 lumens and has a battery life of up to 10 hours, ensuring you’ll be well-lit for your nighttime commute. Not only do we guarantee a long battery life, but the light is also water-resistant and comes in three settings, making you visible in the sketchiest of weather or on the darkest streets. 

One of the biggest bike commuter complaints is the heat that builds up in their helmet before arriving at their destination. Why did I even shower if I show up looking and smelling like I just ran a half-marathon? We designed the Bern Hudson to combat just that problem, and we did a mighty fine job if you ask us. The strategically placed vents around the helmet let the breeze flow through your hair effortlessly as you cruise down city streets, keeping you cool, calm, and collected for your arrival. Not only will you show up looking as fresh as when you walked out of the house, but the vents are U-Lock compatible, making it easier than ever to lock up your helmet while you’re away.

With six color schemes to choose from, we know you’ll be more than satisfied with this helmet and what it has to offer. Feel free to reach out to our team via phone, email, or in person at one of our local dealers. We’ve got everything you need to stay out there.

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