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Most People Know Children Are Required to Wear Bicycle Helmets, but Many Adults Never Think to Put One On and This Is the Result…

Where Is Your Helmet?

Yes, you. When did adults stop wearing helmets? Only 38% of adult bike riders regularly wear their helmets.1 We have enforced the helmet policy upon our kids, and in return we have become the naughty kids on the block. If you are a parent, you probably defer the conversation when your kid asks, “Where is your helmet?” Whatever your perception about helmets might be, a good helmet should only enhance your riding experience, not diminish it. The goal is to be able to #StayOutThere and feel safe, without having to wear a bulky uncomfortable helmet.



The Mobility Movement

As urbanization grows, so does the demand for urban mobility. Our generation today is witnessing the mobility movement. A phenomenon causing the word transport to no longer mean cars, but expanded the definition to e-scooters, bikes, e-unicycles, e-skateboards, and more. It sounds exciting, but this eco friendly movement of the future has the potential to become a safety nightmare unless we all take action and wear a helmet.

Find Your Bern

It’s just as important for adults to wear helmets because:

• Wearing a helmet significantly limits head injuries by up to 85%1

• It sets a great example to your kids

• To show off your unique personality

National efforts have turned a few things around. Death among cyclists younger than 20 have declined dramatically over the last several decades. However, adult cyclist deaths have more than tripled over the same period.2 Together, we can shape the future of transportation and bring back the balance of safety by following the real role models out there, the kids.

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