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A Love Letter From Your Brain


To my favorite person,

There’s no denying it, we make a great team. It’s like we have a special connection that keeps us in sync. Like the way you pedal a bike through the city, or cruise on an e-scooter while I manage the motor functions. Oh, and that time when I thought up that hilarious chicken-wing joke and you executed the delivery perfectly! We’re one dynamite dynamic duo, there’s really nothing we can’t do!

But there is something I need you to do, it’s been on my mind for quite a while; can you please wear a helmet? Just hear me out – we can own every half-pipe, wake and trail we can find this summer and I’ll be safe in my little cocoon of protection the whole time. This way both of us can focus on having a blast instead of worrying about taking a shot to the ol’ noggin. Plus, only 18% of riders wear a helmet, we’d be trendsetters!

So before we head out on our next ride, let’s grab a helmet. Something safe, something stylish, something that screams, “US!” After all, when we work together, there’s nothing we can’t do – except for whistling, for some reason we just never got the hang of that.


Your Brain

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