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Stylish Bike Helmets

Bern was founded on the belief that helmets can and should be both functional and stylish. We’ve got a long legacy of street-inspired helmet designs that provide riders cutting-edge safety technology without compromising comfort or aesthetics. With our New England roots, Bern bike helmets are developed to keep cyclists safe and stylish through every season - whether it’s icy winters or hot, humid summers. We’re the original all-season helmet brand and Bern has made major innovations in helmet style and performance since our start. 

Stylish Meets Safety

We’ve considered every facet of the Bern helmet-wearing experience to make it fun, effective, and durable. With a range of colors, profiles, visors, and construction methods, we’ve made a helmet for every adventure. Explore our fun collections of matte and satin color finishes like Retro Rust, Matte Mint, Cyan Blue, Forest Green, Matte Blush and Muted Teal.

The best part? You can shop stylish helmets knowing that all of our models are compatible with game-changing accessories like our winter and summer liners and Quickmount Asteroid Bike Light. 

Top 6 Stylish Bike Helmets


          1. Macon 2.0 Bike Helmet

      Macon 2.0 is a reimagined classic that embodies our love and dedication to having fun in the great outdoors. It comes in both classic and funky matte finishes (hello, Retro Forest Green and Retro Rust) while updating the original Bern Macon Bike Helmet silhouette. Its ThinShell construction and EZ Fit system make the Macon 2.0 lighter, safer, and more comfortable. 

              2. Allston Bike Helmet

          Inspired by the electric streets of Boston’s Allston neighborhood, the Allston Bike Helmet is a high-tech city helmet that performs anywhere. This Bern helmet is equipped with 16 large vents to maximize airflow, a BOA 360 degree retention system for the ultimate fit, and a flexible visor that protects your face from the elements just as easily as it flips up and out of the way.

          It comes in sleek matte and soft satin finishes and colors ranging from classic black to neutral Sand to bright Coral. Pair it with anything from business casual to beach gear. 

                  3. Brentwood 2.0 Bike Helmet

              Brentwood 2.0 has that impossibly cool urban streetwear vibe while promising ultimate performance and safety. The Brentwood model offers unique finishes like Matte Blush, Muted Teal, and Matte Slate Green that make it stand out in a crowd without compromising critical safety features like our MIPS brain protection system and Zipmold + technology.

              Brentwood is another Bern bike helmet that pairs just as well with jeans and blazers as it does with snow gear or a skateboard; it’s got peak versatility and style on or off your bike. 

                      4. Watts Bike Helmet

                  The Watts Bike Helmet grounded in Boston and blue-collar grit. Watts is outfitted with a baseball-hat-inspired rigid visor and Bern’s tried-and-true silhouette. It even comes in Matte Red and Matte Muted Teal - two finishes that give Fenway’s classic colors an edgy urban update. 

                  Paired with a premium moisture-wicking liner and a Crank-Dial Adjustable Fit system, the Watts Helmet keeps up with you whether you’re trucking through your 9-5 downtown or exploring new trails on the weekends. 

                          5. Bandito Youth Bike Helmet 

                      The Bandito Youth Bike Helmet offers a safety solution for some of the most active and daring riders out there: pre-teen boys who have outgrown youth helmets but don’t quite fit in Bern adult helmets yet. The Bandito embraces finishes that are as bold as their wearers, with color choices like multi-colored White Confetti, Cobalt Blue, and Satin Pink. 

                              6. Tigre Youth Bike Helmet

                          Made for pint-sized bikers, Bern’s Tigre Youth Helmet helps tiny tots feel like they’re keeping up with the big kids. This helmet mimics our classic low-profile look while providing top-knotch safety performance for the people who need it most. And we’ve designed a helmet that your toddler will be excited to wear by creating fun patterned finishes like Blue Goldfish, Green Dino, and Galaxy. 

                          Stay Out There (Stylishly)

                          Bern is committed to helping cyclists of all ages ride safely and in style. We have everything you need to take on dense city streets, mountain trails, or suburban neighborhoods with the kids safely, comfortably, and fashionably. No other helmet brand has the same culture and blend of urban streetwear style and hardcore, high-quality safety features that perform across all sports and environments (even the most extreme ones!).

                          We managed to narrow down the list to 7 of our top choices, but Bern designs all of our helmets with aesthetics in mind. Shop the rest of our stylish multi-sport helmets online or at a local retailer.

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