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Bern Helmets Launches Exclusive Co-Branded Helmet with GrlSwirl

Partnership Introduces Bern to Surging Female Skate Community of Inclusivity and Shared Experiences

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (June 22, 2021) Bern Helmets, respected internationally for its proprietary street-inspired helmets, for the slopes, water action sports, bicycling, skateboarding, and commuting, today announced its collaboration with category leader GRLSWIRL creating a co-branded skate helmet launching Thursday, June 22, 2021.  GRLSWIRL will use the Bern Macon 2.0 helmet that blends its nostalgic skate look with Bern’s classic low-profile design and innovative technology. The co- branded helmet is priced at $60.00, comes in an off-white GRLSWIRL-branded colorway and may be purchased at

GRLSWIRL is focused on the message that consumers don’t have to be, “a ‘badass’ shredder, or even be a certain ‘type’ of person to get on a board and learn something new.” The brand inspires camaraderie, whether it’s the bi-monthly Venice Beach Group Skates or remotely through social media. GRLSWIRL creates a safe space for its members to get out of their comfort zones, ask questions, fall a little, laugh a lot and create lasting memories.

Specifically, the GRLSWIRL helmet comes in a matte cream shell with retro-inspired stripes and matching lay-flat straps. Complete with 12 vents to stay cool, it is available in small, medium, and large. It has the latest comfort and safety ratings that Bern has developed over the last decade.

“GRLSWIRL’s mission is compatible to ours -- helping enthusiasts ‘Stay Out There’ and enjoy the outdoors,” said Dennis Leedom, CEO, and founder of Bern. “GRLSWIRL is committed to making skate accessible, approachable and fun which complements our vision to help protect skaters with head protection designed and engineered to connect skaters with the optimum balance of protection, comfort, and style. We applaud GRLSWIRL for taking the leadership position promoting helmets for skateboarding and look forward to helping the GRLSWIRL network ‘Stay Out There’ with confidence.” 

Bern’s Macon 2.0 is 15% lighter than Bern’s original Macon helmet, uses an EZ fit system, has a lightweight ribbed liner construction and low-profile design. Performance tested and certified to meet U.S. CPSC helmet safety standards, the Macon 2.0 includes impact and fit testing in a variety of environmental conditions to mimic real-world use and storage established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Condition as well and E.U. version EN 1078.

“We wanted to give skate devotees a stylish helmet that enables them to express their personality while providing best in class safety,” said GRLSWIRL Founder Lucy Osinski. “Bern’s Macon 2.0 not only hits the sweet spot resonating with our brand, but also, appeals to those new to the world of skate. We love the collaborative spirit.”



About GrlSwirl: Originated in February 2018, GRLSWIRL has grown from a small group of women into a global force of over 150K online members and chapters in NYC & San Diego, with more to come. Our community is global, and now, people from around the world tell us how our skate community has brought them hope and encouragement.

GRLSWIRL’s all women team come from all walks of life and hope to show that you don’t have to be a certain type of person to get on a skateboard. We truly believe that through our individual stories and community support, we can inspire people to conquer their fears and insecurities through the simple act of trying something new.

While inspiring women, womxn, lgbtq and non-binary peoples of all ages to learn to skateboard, we also take pride in inspiring our community to do good. Our philanthropic agenda has been full since starting GRLSWIRL. Whether it’s fundraising for local non-profits or collaborating with youth groups for skate mentoring experiences; we want to connect and engage locals and members to serve our community. 


About Bern:

Located in Plymouth, Mass., Bern, privately held, originally invented The Famous Bern Baker designed by veteran Jonathan Baker and worn by Seth Wescott, winning Gold in the snowboard cross in 2006 Torino Olympics introducing the “stealth Brim style” to the world. Today, Bern is building upon its 15-year legacy of pioneering street-inspired gear that sets the tone for style, comfort, and safety on the streets, park, trails, slopes, and on the water.

Bern focuses on designing stylish, innovative, and purpose-built helmets that appeal to action sport devotees looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Being the original all-season helmet brand, the Bern team is passionate about being active, and having fun. Bern strives to make high-quality products that speak to kids, commuters, casual riders, and dedicated athletes. Bern recognizes the fact that today, consumers are searching for alternative modes of transportation and is 100% committed to developing a durable, versatile performance product that excels in the micromobility category. Working with both in-house designers and respected experts in the field, Bern expects to introduce a helmet for micromobility in 2021. Bern is committed to its mission of providing enthusiasts with an experience that will help them Stay Out There and get the most out of doing the things they love.

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