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From Forbes: Stay Safe And Stylish On The Slopes With 10 Of The Best Ski Helmets

Ski helmets are not just a stylish accessory, but an essential piece of equipment that can spell the difference between a minor tumble and a life-altering injury. In fact, “helmets provide a 63 to 88% reduction in the risk of head, brain and severe brain injury for all ages,” according to one study conducted by the University of Washington. And because skiing and snowboarding are inherently risky activities with high speeds, unpredictable terrain and the potential for collisions with others on the mountain, you’ll need one of the best ski helmets to provide critical protection for your head and brain. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice on the slopes for the first time, prioritize your safety and wear a helmet every time you hit the hill.

Choosing the best ski helmet is a bit like choosing the best pair of skis—it’s complicated. Not only does it come down to where you plan to use the helmet, but also how it looks, fits and what features it offers. Fit is probably the most important attribute to consider when buying a ski helmet because it directly influences whether or not you’re comfortable wearing your helmet all day, every day. But you’ll also want to consider how it pairs with your broader kit, and whether or not it features venting, impact protection and a washable liner.

Among these considerations, impact protection is obviously a no-brainer these days—all ski helmets sold from a reputable retailer meet the required safety and testing standards. However, you may want to opt for advanced levels of protection, especially if you’re a beginner who’s likely to fall often or a racer where high-speed crashes could have devastating consequences. On top of that, things like weight, venting, adjustability and even style play a part in finding the best ski helmet for you.

From race helmets with maximum impact protection to lightweight, fully vented options for those who prefer to earn their turns, we’ve rounded up the best ski helmets for all types and abilities. Find the one that meets your needs and enjoy every season to the fullest.

Best Affordable Ski Helmet

A Classic That Never Goes Out Of Style



Shell material: ABS thin shell  | Vents: 0 | Visor/Brim: Yes | Advanced impact protection: MIPS as add on | Weight: 1.17 pounds

The Baker is a Bern classic that never goes out of style. Featuring the original Bern visor design, this low-profile ski helmet features replaceable warm and cold weather liners, a dial fit system for fine tune adjustments, a goggle clip on the back of the helmet and channels inside if you prefer to wear your goggles under your helmet. This clean, stylish ski helmet lacks vents to maintain the minimalist look, and it comes in a variety of funky color combinations. 

You can order the Baker with or without MIPS advanced impact protection, depending on preference and budget. And the real beauty of Bern helmets is that you can use them year round for biking, skateboarding or skiing and riding on the mountain come winter. 


  • Classic style
  • Year-round use
  • MIPS upgrade


  • Lacks a ventilation system

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