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Bern Partners with AirFlare & Mountain Sports Club

Providing Riders with the Ultimate Winter Package

Bern, AirFlare and Mountain Sports Club are teaming up this winter to provide our riders with an ultimate package. Now, with the purchase of any of our three winter favorites (The Winter Macon 2.0, Winter Watts or Camino*), you will receive a FREE lifetime AirFlare Subscription AND FREE Mountain Sports Club (MSC) Premium Membership. That is a $90 value, absolutely free with your Bern Helmet – but what each of these subscriptions bring is worth so much more!

AirFlare is a new cutting-edge technology that just might save your life if you are in trouble – even out of reach of cell service! This mobile app transforms your phone into a mountain rescue beacon that provides Ski Patrol and Search and Rescue teams multiple ways to find you: almost instantly while within cell service, and from up to a half mile away without cell service. It also allows friends and family to easily meet up via Location Sharing that’s designed for spotty cell coverage. AirFlare preserves battery life and requires no user action once setup. It provides peace of mind and, in an emergency, makes help more likely and more rapid, which is good for everyone!

“We think AirFlare is a lot like a helmet. It’s easy to have with you and, if you end up needing it, you’ll be really glad you had it,” comments AirFlare founder Eliot Gillum, “We are proud to partner with Bern because we love their helmets, are proud to add another level of safety, and have a connection with their independent story.”

You’ll receive a lifetime subscription of AirFlare with your new Bern Helmet! Details of how to redeem your membership will be explained on the hangtag of your participating winter lid. To learn more about this innovative technology, visit; their team of experts walk you through the integration, how it works, and what you need to do to ensure your safety as well as digital privacy.

Mountain Sports Club offers exclusive discounts to their club members on countless deals that include lift tickets, travel, lodging, dining, rentals, gear purchases, tuning, and more. Reaching more than 90 resorts/areas across the U.S. and Canada, what better way to explore new outdoor experiences – MSC gets you out there! Premium members enjoy discounts and savings of up to 50% off on all the best travel amenities with personalized coupons.

MSC founder John Siewierski explains, “As a 40 year ski enthusiast, I understand the challenges of affording to take your family skiing and snowboarding, and MSC wants to help make it not only affordable, but also give you the opportunity to explore new resorts and landscapes. Partnering up with Bern and Airflare has given us an opportunity to provide you with more for less.”

With the purchase of your Bern Helmet, you’ll receive a FREE Premium MSC Membership (a $60 value). Redemption details will be displayed on a hangtag with your new helmet! To learn more about MSC and to check out some of their daily deals, head to

Bern is proud to be partnering with AirFlare and MSC, bringing an ultimate winter experience to our riders. Our mission is to provide stylish, innovative and purpose-built helmets to allow all kinds of riders to Stay Out There, so being able to extend that further with this partnership, has you covered!

With this added value, both new and experienced outdoor adventurers can look forward to having a safe and inspiring winter season, keep exploring new environments, and do so with the safest equipment. 2020 may have brought a whole new set of challenges but staying active in the outdoors is something everyone should have access to, along with the peace of mind that they will be protected.

Stay Out There & Stay Safe

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*Program is only offered within the United States with purchase of a Bern Winter Macon 2.0, Winter Watts, or Camino Helmet.




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