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Love at First Sight

Park Ranger Sam’s Pro-View of the Bern Major


As seasoned veterans of outdoor pursuit, we know the value of a lid that looks good, fits right, and doesn’t weigh you down. But style and comfort go right out the window if your skull isn’t protected, which is why Bern helmets are rigorously tested and re-tested to meet the standards of Olympic snowboarders, e-bike explorers, and careful parents of groms that are just getting going.


Part of that “testing and re-testing” process means that we send lids out to people that really know how to put their gear to work. So when our friends at Outdoor Prolink hit us up and said “Yo, we’ve got a dude named Sam that wants to give the Major a shakedown,” we jumped at the opportunity. 


Sam is a Park Ranger in Boulder County, Colorado, with background as a farmer, trail worker, ski patroller, and ice climbing guide in New England. When he’s not working, you can find him biking around Boulder, backcountry skiing, woodworking, volunteering, and/or reading non-fiction books…AKA, he’d fit in pretty well here at Bern HQ.

So without further ado, here’s Sam’s review of the Bern Major. 

Story Time

One of my favorite things about living in Boulder is how accessible the city is by bicycle. Well-maintained bike paths snake through every corner of this small city. 

Over the past several weeks I’ve worn the Bern Major bike helmet nearly every day. From commuting to work, biking to run errands, to day-long bike rides, this bike helmet has been by my side. I commute to work nearly every day, try and do all of my errands by bicycle, and go on frequent pleasure rides. The Major has performed flawlessly throughout the variable weather I’ve ridden in this spring and summer. I was particularly interested in the small removable visor in the front, the 14 vents spread throughout the helmet, and the comfort level of the Major. 

First Impression

It was love at first sight with the Bern Major. I’m normally the kind of guy who wears muted earth-toned colors. I decided to spruce it up a little bit and went with the “Matte Orchid” color. It’s a slightly muted pink, and I’m a huge fan. It’s flashy, but not too much.

I plopped the Major on my head, and made quick work of adjusting the size using Bern’s Compass Fit System. This system (or something similar) is the standard on bike helmets these days, and I’m glad to see Bern using it too. This helmet sits lower on my head than other helmets I’ve owned, which makes it look slightly different, but it feels much more safe and secure. 

Another style aspect of the Bern Major that I really like is the removable flip visor in the front. If the visor doesn’t match your style, it easily removes. Personally I like the look of the flip visor, and it functioned well to keep the sun off of my face. It also provided me with some protection from rain when the weather turned bad. The visor does show sweat stains quite clearly, but a quick wash in the sink or in the washing machine solves that!

Two things that Bern’s Major bike helmet does really well are the weight and airflow. 

Bern managed to fit a staggering 14 different vents into this helmet, far more than any other commuter helmet that I’ve used. Additionally, the Major only weighs 315 grams, making it incredibly lightweight. The venting and lightweight nature of the Major are comparable to some of the highest-end road bike helmets on the market, and at a fraction of the cost. Well done, Bern! 

What sets the Major apart?

The Bern Major is truly set apart by its venting system, its extremely light weight, its highest-possible safety rating, its stylish appearance. Additionally, the Bern Major does all of that at an affordable price!

Who is the Major for? 

The Major is meant for bike riders who do a lot of riding in town and occasional longer rides. Bern has marketed this helmet for commuters and those who ride “downtown”, but in my experience the Bern Major also excels on longer road bike rides.


The Bern Major

The Final Word: 

Bern’s newest commuter-oriented bike helmet has been my partner throughout countless rides this spring and summer. The Major exceeded my highest expectations in regards to comfort, weight, ventilation, style, and more. 


A comfortable, lightweight, and stylish helmet with MIPS and the highest safety possible to keep you looking good and feeling good. Lots of vents for good airflow, stylish and removable visor, highest safety rating possible, easily adjustable sizing, good color options.

Like what you see? Click here to try the Major on for size!

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