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  • Our flagship quiver killer is officially ready for winter. The Watts 2.0 builds off the legacy of the OG Watts but now comes standard with MIPS protection, our Compass Fit System for the perfect fit every time, and colors that’ll make your jaw drop. Designed specifically for the all season rider, the Watts 2.0 has got you covered for deep powder, gravel trails, city streets, and whatever else you wanna throw at it. 

The Tech you Want

  • Multi-Sport Certification? Check
  • Compass Fit System for a fit "fit" for a king? Check
  • Removable Winter Knit for the warmest days? Check

The Protection you Need

MIPS.. Multi-directional Impact Protection system. Any helmet that has it, is at least 10% better at handling rotational impact injuries, and that's when it is jammed in any ole lid. The Watts 2.0 was built with MIPS in mind, from the ground up. You do the math.

20% Lighter

  • Weight is just a number, except when it comes to flying down the slopes from dawn til dusk, balancing a bucket on your head. The sleek styling of this lid won't cramp your style or your neck.


Maybe you are an early adopter of the Watts 2.0, you picked up a summer version and now you are kicking yourself! Don't fear broheim, no matter the version you got, we'll have the accessories to take you where you want to go.


1. Stay Out There... Even After Dark
You’re wearing a Bern so we know you like to look good, now make sure you are seen with our Clickmount light. Snap this bad larry into the vents in the back and shine on!


2. Protect Your Eye Protection

When your blazing a new path down the mountain side, the last thing you want is to lose your goggles. Strong winds, branches, or spit from some grom on the chair lift, keep your eyes safe and your goggles secure with the removable goggle clip.

3. Bike to Board, Streets to Slopes

Bike helmet? Ski Helmet? You get both when you buy the Winter Watts 2.0. It takes seconds to add or remove the Winter Knit to your Watts 2.0 lid.